Roses, Art

We took a bike ride to the Central Park Rose Garden after dinner–the girls frolicked with some random children, people were pushing strollers around, and it was positively serene.  So worth a visit, especially if you want to get some good family pictures.  There’s a bridge that the girls love, and J likes to compare the flower scents and gather up fallen petals to throw on us.

One of the rotating header pictures  is the garden before the roses are blooming, so hopefully I’ll have a blooming version soon.  Of course, Tiny Tot Land is closed again–what’s up with that?

I keep getting emails from Albany Art Room.  Their site lists several camps, but there are actually many more.  They’ve added a camp running August 2-6 for ages 5 and up called Adventures in the Forest, culture in Ecuador, including some Spanish language.  They’ve also got two different sessions of Mon/Wed/Fri classes on [Pottery] Wheel Throwing for Teens.   This is just a couple of the more recent offerings that they’ve sent emails about, so if you’re generally interested in art programs, it’s worth it to get on their email list.

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