Back Home!

First, a little art camp news to pass along to you. Someone wrote to tell me (well, us really) about Omi International Arts Center in Ghent and its art camps for kids from ages 5 to teens. I also heard from the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy that they have so many art camp scholarships for kids ages 6-16 that they need folks to apply, pretty please, so that they can give your kids some free camp. It’s need-based, but you don’t have to be eating ramen noodles every day for dinner to qualify (check the application here, but an example guideline is families of 4 with annual income of less than $60,400).

As for our vacation, there was rain and more rain, a trip to the emergency room, an ill-conceived camp-out, numerous pirate wars, a tragically burnt campfire dinner, and outings that were met with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Really, the kids all had quite a bit of fun, although M is currently denying that she ever had any fun at all. [Sigh.] It’s a long story. Honestly, I think I need a decent night’s sleep before I fully debrief everyone. Nothing like a bit of emotional distance to make misadventures seem comically entertaining.



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