One of the many items Cute W decided that we needed to pack for our Lake Placid trip was our washers game. Washers is the perfect casual, backyard, while-you’re-having-a-barbecue game. After playing it at a friend’s house, handy Cute W whipped up this frame–there are two of them. Rules vary from player to player, but … [Read more…]


Happy Summer, everyone! Did you know that this Saturday is the Great American Backyard Campout? I actually wrote an article encouraging people to try a little backyard camping, and you can read it at Kids Out and About here. Meanwhile, if you want to venture beyond your backyard, here are a few suggested campgrounds that … [Read more…]

Decorating Cupcakes

M’s theme for her birthday party was cupcakes. Each time she would explain this to someone, she’d declare “The theme of my party is. . . Cupcakes!” with high drama and a sort of jazz-hand flourish. She was inspired by the plates and napkins at Target right now, which made life easy. And last year … [Read more…]

More Summer Fun, Baby!

We’re gearing up for M’s birthday tomorrow. We used to always store wrapped presents on top of this huge cabinet that housed our tv, but since we upgraded the tv, the cabinet’s gone. Today I realized that I could store presents on top of our built-in china cabinet. I wrapped and piled them there, where … [Read more…]

Lemonade, Anyone?

M went to her friend’s house after school today, so J invited a playmate so that she wouldn’t be lonesome. I went to school to walk J and her friend home, and we passed our neighbor’s house, where they had a fabulous lemonade stand set up. The ridiculously cute accessories were part of a whole … [Read more…]