Lemonade, Anyone?

M went to her friend’s house after school today, so J invited a playmate so that she wouldn’t be lonesome. I went to school to walk J and her friend home, and we passed our neighbor’s house, where they had a fabulous lemonade stand set up.

The ridiculously cute accessories were part of a whole display of items sold separately at Target. Her son had coveted them since he’d seen them at a birthday party, but lucky for him, his birthday was only a bit later. His big brother is in J and her friend’s class, so both girls agreed that we’d have to get money and come back.

Of course, once we bought our lemonade, the girls had to linger and check out the trampoline and swing set, too. No wonder my girls are always taking a walk up the street. Our neighbors are on a good corner, and business was surprisingly brisk. Soon another of their friends from school was pulling over to say hi. They’d been on their way to the grocery store, but it was just too beautiful for that sort of mundane activity. Then, to the  thrill of J and all of her classmates, their actual teacher from school stopped by for lemonade, too. Now, that’s some serious excitement. The postal carrier, a guy on a motor cycle, and several middle-school students enjoyed the bargain prices (50 cents bought you a cup of lemonade and a wedge of watermelon), and it became an impromptu neighborhood party. Which was delightful, except that I thought that I might get something useful done this afternoon. And I don’t think that other mom ever made it to the grocery. That’s okay: priorities, right?

I’ve often suggested to the girls that they should try a lemonade stand, because we live on a busy street with a sidewalk. Thus far they’ve been indifferent. Apparently there’s not a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit at our house. But after this afternoon, maybe I can try again. Maybe they can do lemonade while I do a “suggested donation” margarita stand? Now that would be a party.

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