Here was yesterday’s view from my window: That’s right: a new roof. Don’t you just love expensive home maintenance projects that, once they’re done, you can barely tell that anything happened? Except that now we won’t have random contractors ringing our doorbell and presenting us with shingles that have flown off our roof with a … [Read more…]

The Worst Case Scenario

When thunderstorms scrapped our afternoon pool plans, I organized. Reorganized shoes in the closets, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms. The girls were pleased with a day of chilling out watching slightly too much tv, but they should have realized that any time I get organized, it doesn’t bode well for them. Sure enough, after dinner I … [Read more…]

Links for You

I’m taking Saturday off and just passing along some links. First, I wrote about our adventures in Lake Placid, including checking out some Olympics facilities and going to the super-fun Wild Center in Tupper Lake, over at Kids Out and About. Incidentally, the page has a photo of me–think I should add it to my … [Read more…]

Our Day

How cute is this? J decided to draw a “map” to plan her day the other morning. Sort of clockwise from lower left, that’s: Swing on tree swing Shop with mom at grocery store Lie down on bed Go to piano lesson (she climbs stairs up to the house) Jump rope Ride bike Read bedtime … [Read more…]

Free Concerts, Theater, and Activities this Week

I dropped by GE’s Kids Day in downtown Albany today before rushing home to watch soccer (No. I don’t want to discuss it.), and it was a delightful event. Seriously, if you’ve ever gone to the Tulip Festival and thought, gosh, this would be more fun if there weren’t All of These Freakin’ People, then … [Read more…]

Updates & a Toy Store

J was riding her bike this morning! She still needs practice, but she’s conquered it! Maybe it’s the helmet. I’ve successfully re-curtained the girls’ rooms. I’m always taking random photos that could be blog posts so that I can share them on nights when I’m feeling lazy and uncreative. Like (you guessed it) tonight. I’ve … [Read more…]

Target Emergency!

We’ve had errands to run with the girls all week, but I’ve been procrastinating. Every day was too beautiful to go to the store. And finally, we ran out of days, because M had to pick out a birthday gift for a friend. Even before we’d remembered the birthday, I’d been promising the girls new … [Read more…]