High Drama

Yikes. Our afternoon of intense drama included two emotional meltdowns (1 per daughter), a frenzy of last-minute project-making, an urgent trip to run an errand in which I forgot to bring my wallet, rain on my clothesline, a chipmunk loose in the living room, a last art class, a missed last art class (due to … [Read more…]

Recovery Mode

My last post was before M’s big singing performance, and it went very well, thank you. Her singing was lovely and she was happy with it. It appears that this evil bug has passed by the adults of our household. Meanwhile, I dropped some balls in the course of nursing sick children and fretting about … [Read more…]

This Weekend

Phew! M took a sudden turn for the perky somewhere between dinner and bedtime last night. She woke up feeling fabulous, so thanks for all the healthy karma! Plenty of places have opened their strawberry fields for picking. Here’s my post on Berry Picking from last year if you’re interested. And here’s what else is … [Read more…]

Good News! Also, Bad News.

For most of Monday and Tuesday, I was fretting about J. After being sick all Sunday, she was recovering, but Tuesday was a big kindergarten celebration as well as her dance recital at The Egg, and I wasn’t sure how she’d cope. Honestly, she struggled a bit with dance this year. She was  young for … [Read more…]

More Summer Programs

First, the health report. J appears to have shaken her fever, although she’s not at her best. She took a huge nap this afternoon, so she’s currently lying in bed at 10:20 pm wide awake. I think that we’re going to do a modified schedule tomorrow, hopefully sleeping in, heading to school late, taking a … [Read more…]

This Week

I almost called yesterday’s post “Festival Fever,” because as we drove home from the Greek Fest, J wasn’t feeling great. And by the time we arrived, she clearly had a fever. But I kept that information to myself, and do you know why? Because today was J’s big-deal recital rehearsal, and I was planning to … [Read more…]

A Festive Day

We hit not one, but two fests today. First it was the Schenectady Kids Arts Fest, then the St. Basil Greek Festival in Troy. We usually try to visit the arts festival, and I’ll tell you more about it later, but since this was our first time at the Greek Festival and it continues tomorrow … [Read more…]

Bumper Stickers!

So, I got this email from Megan Edgeller, who works at Build A Sign.com, [I removed the links b/c they were having mysterious Search Engine Issues, but you could hunt them down, I’ll bet].which makes (wait for it) signs, but also banners and magnets and custom bumper stickers. She offered to make me something, and … [Read more…]

First Weekend in June

I’m finding it hard to believe that I’m on the same page of the calendar of the last day of school. I’m not entirely prepared, really. We’ve got an ice cream social at school, plus a big rehearsal for J’s dance recital. Here’s what I’ve found for this weekend: All Weekend: At the Ghent Playhouse, … [Read more…]