High Drama

Yikes. Our afternoon of intense drama included two emotional meltdowns (1 per daughter), a frenzy of last-minute project-making, an urgent trip to run an errand in which I forgot to bring my wallet, rain on my clothesline, a chipmunk loose in the living room, a last art class, a missed last art class (due to last-minute project trauma), a piano recital, and late bedtimes all around!

Phew. M’s loved doing her Greek project. Wednesday there’s a special Europe fair where she’ll be handing out samples of pita, feta, hummus, and olives, and after she enjoyed the Greek fair so much, she’s got some music, too. But she’d thought that the project was due on Wednesday, not Tuesday, which led to some panicking this afternoon. Plus she had to work on the part that she’d been dreading, the map. Drawing a map is difficult when there are approximately 1400 islands and you demand artistic perfection.

Tracing at the window

J was similarly hard on herself for her piano recital. I swear, it seemed like every other kid got up from their pieces either indifferent or glowing with joy and relief. J’s face was a little I-can-do-better storm cloud.

We made magic cookie bars for the recital reception. While J was treating herself to more punch, the punchbowl-serving lady said, “You sounded wonderful! Do you practice a lot?” And J answered too truthfully, “Not really.” Some other kid with a full plate of cookies called her friend over, saying, “Come stand with me here. I have to stay away from my mom so she won’t see how much I took.”

It’s nice to have activities winding down, but there’s tons more to do, too. M’s birthday party is on Saturday. The following Saturday we’re heading to Lake Placid for a week. I am slightly ready for Saturday’s party, and not even remotely ready for vacation. But I’ll think about that tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday.

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