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I almost called yesterday’s post “Festival Fever,” because as we drove home from the Greek Fest, J wasn’t feeling great. And by the time we arrived, she clearly had a fever. But I kept that information to myself, and do you know why? Because today was J’s big-deal recital rehearsal, and I was planning to shamelessly pump her up with ibuprofen and take her, anyway. And if I’d told everyone that she had a fever, then if you knew that I took my feverishly-ill daughter and let her interact with your clean, healthy daughters, you would hate, hate, hate me. Rightfully so. And you know, maybe I would have had an attack of conscience and I wouldn’t have done it. But I was covering my ass just in case.

However, she was so tremendously pathetic this afternoon that we had to scratch the rehearsal. Then tonight at bedtime she was crying because she’s been so excited for Tuesday, and she’s afraid that she’ll still be sick and miss it. It’s “Portfolio Day” at kindergarten, and then the recital at night. So, please, please, send your best healthy karma our way.

Here’s what I’ve found for this week:

This Week:

  • Saratoga Arts Fest kicks off on Thursday and continues through Monday. There’s tons on the schedule, which you can check out, but I’ve also pulled a few of the items that just scream kids’ stuff and placed them in the schedule.

Monday, June 6th:

Tuesday, June 7th:

  • Yeah, there’s not a dang thing that I found. Unless you want to come to J’s recital maybe? Hope we’ll be there. . . .

Wednesday, June 8th:

  • From 3:30-4:30 pm, there’s a workshop for kids 5 and up on making Watercolor Birch Trees at Albany Art Room. Pre-register; it’s $8.
  • From 5:30-8 pm, it’s the Lawn Festival at Parsons Child & Family Center in Albany.  Bouncy-bounce, pony rides, games, books. Free.
  • Tony’s Polka Band is playing at 6 pm at Half Moon.
  • It’s Pajamarama at 6:30 pm at the Bethlehem Public Library.

Thursday, June 9th:

Friday, June 10th:

  • Kids up to age 5 can enjoy a Preschool Picnic at 11 am at the Bethlehem Public Library.
  • At 4:30 pm, there’s a Tale of Peter Rabbit Puppet Show at the Children’s Museum at Saratoga. It’s free with admission or for folks participating in Saratoga Arts Fest.
  • There’s a free Yoga for Kids class in Central Park next to the Rose Garden from 5:30-6:30 pm. Best for kids ages 5-10.


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