Birthday Party Drama

Birthday parties can be a little crazy. I always find that they’re an interesting sort of portal into understanding a family’s values. For example, there are those virtuous families who request donations for a good cause in place of birthday gifts. I always admire this choice, but you might remember that we’ve struggled with our–ahem!–charitable … [Read more…]


Do you ever read one of those magazines and they’ll say “So-and-so hosted a casual buffet with some neighbors and invited us to see her easy-breezy style”? And what follows is several pages of impossibly gorgeous spreads of food surrounded by distinctive and clever decor and people who look impeccable and beautiful in every way? … [Read more…]

Birthday Party Fun

J’s attended 2 of her 3 birthday parties of the weekend, and I hung around Friday’s party long enough that I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures to share. First, rainbow fruit skewers. . . cute, right? Lucky for me, some of the kids were suspicious of the mangoes, which were recruited to represent … [Read more…]

Oasis Family Fun Park

Perfect pool weather! Or beach weather! Alas, we’re not getting wet. In fact, when J was offered the opportunity to go swimming with a friend today, she refused out of pure sisterly loyalty. So in our search for dry-but-fun outdoor activities, an obvious one was mini-golf. For the 4th of July, we decided to go … [Read more…]


One of the many items Cute W decided that we needed to pack for our Lake Placid trip was our washers game. Washers is the perfect casual, backyard, while-you’re-having-a-barbecue game. After playing it at a friend’s house, handy Cute W whipped up this frame–there are two of them. Rules vary from player to player, but … [Read more…]