The Limits of Magical Creatures

I’ve had a bit of low-level anxiety this April about Easter. Growing up, the Easter Bunny used to always bring me a new outfit, suitable for wearing to church that day. It was a lovely tradition that I planned to continue with my own children. Early on, in fact, the girls did get cute little … [Read more…]

Alternative Gifts

Over the weekend I was like some kind of insane Amazon Prime machine. But after ticking off my main list of gifts, I always have a second little shudder of panic as I remember all of my “tier 2” gifts, like things for teachers and neighbors and extra items that I want to recommend that … [Read more…]

Holiday Overload

I am not on top of this holiday season. Wait, do I say this every year? I don’t think I’m usually this far below my own expectations. And here’s the thing: I’ve lowered my expectations. Like, significantly. In years past, I’ve organized a neighborhood Christmas caroling party, I’ve hosted what I called Crafty Girl Parties, … [Read more…]

Roller Coaster Afternoon

Parenting the girls this afternoon was a bit of roller coaster. We’d had a busy weekend traveling and visiting family, and we arrived home a little after midnight last night. The girls powered through the school day, but things got a bit delicate after that. But they were awfully cute, too. Shortly after both girls … [Read more…]

Halloween Captions

It’s almost Halloween again, which means another milestone to document for the History of Our Family. I love-love-love First Day of School photos. My children are dressed carefully, they’re alert and eager to please, they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They’re not willing to admit it publicly, perhaps, but each year they’re proud of their new status, … [Read more…]

Catching Up to Halloween

I can’t quite believe that Halloween is only days away. We’ve been both unduly casual and taken by surprise by the holiday this year. Usually, J is begging me to put out Halloween decorations in September, and I insist that we wait until after her birthday (October 1st). This time another week or so passed … [Read more…]

Careful in the Valentine’s Day Aisle

I don’t know about the rest of you, but one of my friends and I ran into a similar problem. He reported via Facebook: Hey Walgreens, how about if when someone searches your site for ‘Valentine’ you try to separate the cute puppy valentine cards from the condoms and love lotions. You know, for the … [Read more…]