The Limits of Magical Creatures

I’ve had a bit of low-level anxiety this April about Easter. Growing up, the Easter Bunny used to always bring me a new outfit, suitable for wearing to church that day. It was a lovely tradition that I planned to continue with my own children. Early on, in fact, the girls did get cute little … [Read more…]


Do you ever read one of those magazines and they’ll say “So-and-so hosted a casual buffet with some neighbors and invited us to see her easy-breezy style”? And what follows is several pages of impossibly gorgeous spreads of food surrounded by distinctive and clever decor and people who look impeccable and beautiful in every way? … [Read more…]

Capital District Easter 2011 Activities

See this bunny? She’s approximately the size of a three-year-old.  My 20-year-old boyfriend, Cute W, carried her through the airport to greet me when I returned to college from spring break with my family. My children have offered me many adorable moments, but for adorable-with-a-side-of-swoon, it’s difficult to beat a blondie with goo-goo eyes and … [Read more…]