More Summer Fun, Baby!

We’re gearing up for M’s birthday tomorrow. We used to always store wrapped presents on top of this huge cabinet that housed our tv, but since we upgraded the tv, the cabinet’s gone. Today I realized that I could store presents on top of our built-in china cabinet. I wrapped and piled them there, where they just barely fit. Cute W’s presents had to go someplace else, but it was okay that they were lower since I trust him not to peek into gift bags. I said this out loud, and M said, “What?!? You always put my presents up high because you don’t trust me?!? That’s very offensive.” She was so serious that I stopped to look at her, and she relented, “But also probably a good choice.” Indeed. Anyway, gifts are wrapped and cupcakes are baked. Now we’ve just got to hope that the weather’s decent tomorrow.

I already shared a bunch of free concerts, but I know that you need even more summer fun. When I was looking at last year’s posts about free and cheap stuff for the summer, I re-read what I called my parental advisory against trying on swimsuits with your children present. Pretty amusing if I do say so myself!

Here are some free and cheap summer programs for families:

  • Bowtie Cinemas in Schenectady is once again doing free movies for kids. It’s on Tuesday and Wednesdays (same movie both days), starting June 21st with MegaMind, which is actually a pretty fun one. Doors open at 9:30 am, movies are at 10 am.
  • Regal Cinemas in Crossgates is also doing movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (different movie each day) at 10 am starting on June 28th, but this year they’re doing it for $1/person. I thought that Clifton Park was Regal, too, but I couldn’t find information about it. . . are they renovating or something?
  • They’re doing Kids Bowl Free again this summer at several area bowling alleys.5
  • 15 Love is once again offering free tennis lessons for kids (ages 4 and up) and adults at a variety of area parks. They’ll even loan you a racket. We’ve taken lessons with 15 Love and had some serious fun.
  • Colonie Library, near the Crossings Playground, always has a ridiculously huge number of summer programs.
  • A concert series that I missed before is the Tuesday night series at Cook Park in Colonie.


  1. Kate

    Clifton Park is Regal but it is closed for now. They are building a brand new cinema which will open this fall!

  2. Ken B

    M’s birthday – the most important day of the year. Bring on the martinis and the drinks with umbrellas!

  3. Melinda, I don’t know. That link went to all the NY state participating Regal Cinemas for the program. I tried calling the Colonie theater and it sounded like a fax.

    Colleen & Kate, thanks!

    Ken, no martinis, but waffles and whipped cream so far.

  4. Stella

    I checked out the crossgates website for movies…..there are two movies listed for each date… is there a choice of which one you want? Or is one for Tuesday…and the other Wednesday?

  5. Hi Stella–I feel like we pondered that question last year, but I can’t remember the answer. And the annoying thing about trying to call the theater is that it’s always the recording. Any Crossgates free-now-$1 moviegoers know the answer to this one?

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