This Week Doesn’t Count. Plus Dancing.

No, I’m serious. Between the holiday and the snow day and the other snow day and my cold, I didn’t get much done this week. I am a wimpy snow driver, so I kept procrastinating away errands. I wasn’t feeling too great and the kids were around all over the place, I didn’t knock much … [Read more…]

More Music This Week

I have a couple of items that I missed back when I did the week’s post. First, the Nisky Dixie Cats will be playing at the Niskayuna Town Gazebo tonight (Tuesday) at 7 pm, and The Rogues will be playing rock and roll on Thursday at 7 pm at the gazebo. The Homespun Occasions folks … [Read more…]

Another Week o’ Fun

Phew!  So much is going on this week.  Here’s what I’ve found: All Week: Don’t forget that there’s plenty more going on at William K. Sanford (Colonie) Library and Albany Public Library. The Clifton Park Not-So-Common Players are performing Once Upon a Mattress in Clifton Commons at 7:30 pm from 7/22-7/25. It’s the Saratoga County … [Read more…]

J’s Recital

Phew!  Would you believe that we didn’t get home from J’s dance recital–she takes dance with Ginny Martin— until 10:30 pm? It was at The Egg downtown, and we were so starving that we stopped at Emack & Bolio‘s before heading home. The recital was great, J enjoyed herself immensely, and I’m too tired to … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend

Sure, the conventional choice for a Memorial Day Weekend post might be an American flag, but instead I took a picture of what’s in front of me:  Isis the cat.  Lookin’ for some love while her human just wants to  finish the blog post.  It’s a little irritating, but not as irritating as sneaking rodents … [Read more…]

This Week

Weekend’s over!  After ranting on Friday and fretting on Saturday, we’re back to the weekly line up.  There are also plenty of regularly scheduled events, and the weather’s looking pretty good, too.  Yay. All Week From 3-4 pm each day, kids can help make a commercial for the Rensselaer Public Library‘s summer reading programs. Monday, … [Read more…]

The Weekend

Phew!  Tons of stuff to do this weekend again!  And beautiful weather!  Woo, hoo! If you like to use the Tulip Festival for photo ops with your adorable children, All Over Albany says to go now.  The tulips are ready early.  Maybe I’ll get a new header photo? It’s also Pottery Fest at the Shaker … [Read more…]