YMCA & Proctors do Parents Night Out

I heard about the YMCA & Proctors launching this new program, and I was so excited about it that I finally motivated myself to visit the new downtown Schenectady Y, even though I am still fairly bitter about its lack of pool on the premises. Some of that bitterness ebbed when I saw the pretty, … [Read more…]

Updates on Story Times, Egg Events for Kids, and Our Dinner Conversation

First, three pieces of business: Some of you are fans of my friend Pam’s Friday morning story times at the Mohawk Commons Barnes & Noble.  Pam’s left and, as far as I know, they’re stopping story time there, but beginning in mid-September, Pam will be doing Story Time at The Open Door Bookstore on Fridays … [Read more…]

Theater Preview

Among the many things to enjoy about fall–occurring somewhere between the return to school and jumping into leaf piles–is all of the glossy brochures with the upcoming theater for the new season.  I get so excited, as if I’m going to go to these shows.  Which I generally don’t, because I’m cheap.  But I start … [Read more…]

Another Week o’ Fun

Phew!  So much is going on this week.  Here’s what I’ve found: All Week: Don’t forget that there’s plenty more going on at William K. Sanford (Colonie) Library and Albany Public Library. The Clifton Park Not-So-Common Players are performing Once Upon a Mattress in Clifton Commons at 7:30 pm from 7/22-7/25. It’s the Saratoga County … [Read more…]

Let Summertime Begin!

We have just completed what I believe might have been the best weather weekend ever.   I mean:  gorgeous! Less gorgeous was yesterday’s post, with a variety of humiliating typos.  I really was tired.   I think I fixed them all.  Anyway, it’s our last day of school this week, so we’re shifting into summer.   Here are … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend

Sure, the conventional choice for a Memorial Day Weekend post might be an American flag, but instead I took a picture of what’s in front of me:  Isis the cat.  Lookin’ for some love while her human just wants to  finish the blog post.  It’s a little irritating, but not as irritating as sneaking rodents … [Read more…]