YMCA & Proctors do Parents Night Out

I heard about the YMCA & Proctors launching this new program, and I was so excited about it that I finally motivated myself to visit the new downtown Schenectady Y, even though I am still fairly bitter about its lack of pool on the premises. Some of that bitterness ebbed when I saw the pretty, pretty locker rooms:

But I am easily distracted by attractive stone tile. Where was I? Oh, yes. . .

Anyway, the plan is that for the “bigger” shows at Proctors, the Schenectady Y, which is a short walk away, will offer childcare for kids ages 6 months to 12 years old. Parents get 4 hours of childcare (so, for an evening show, they can drop off at 7 pm or later, then pick up by 11 pm, and for a matinée, the program would run 1-5 pm) for $15 for the first child, then $12.75 for each additional sibling. The idea is that the kids get a fun outing, too, with games in the gym and other activities. There’s a “hang out” room for older kids

and an area set aside for the youngest kids as well.

The emphasis will be on games and plenty of choices, and parents can drop kids off with a snack and their sleeping bags for extra coziness if they want. On weekends, the facility closes for work-outs at 7 pm, so the kids and the staff watching them will basically take over the whole place.

For me, this sounds like an excellent deal all-around. First, with my two kids, that comes to $27.75, cheaper than the $32 I’d end up paying for 4 hours of babysitting at $8/hour. Second, it’s more reliable than your average teenager who, I am painfully aware, can accidentally just not show up on a night when you’ve got tickets to something special. Plus it’s reassuring to know that there will be real grown-ups with CPR & first aid certification on site. You know: just in case. I can also see how, with a little coordination, this could become a huge party for your kids. Get enough friends together, and you can get a group rate on tickets to a show, plus all your  kids will be excited to play together with their friends.

They’re still getting the program started, but the plan is that the Parents Night Out will be an option for some shows as you buy your tickets online. If you want more information, you can contact Kevin Kuon at 518.881.0117 or kkuon [at] cdymca [dot] org.


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  1. When I was still working I MAY have occasionally stopped, showered and gotten ready in that very locker room just to enjoy a little peace and quiet in a lovely stone and wood environment. 😉

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