Having a Me Party

Today was Day 1 of the Me Party. I dropped my family at the airport, then went back home to bed. Once I’d roused myself, I headed to the library for some audiobooks. I have organizing and general household drudgery to do, and there’s nothing to motivate me to continue that sort of thing than … [Read more…]

Rain, Schmain!

I’m reporting to you live from the Backyard Campout Slumber Party! Yeah, it’s not a great picture. The good news is that M was right: 10-year-old girls are excellent at wasting time. They’ve been quite content. It started raining at marshmallow roasting time, but we had enough umbrellas to keep everyone relatively content. The rain’s … [Read more…]

Party Anxiety Time

M’s birthday party is tomorrow. I’ve been alternating between stages 5 (Panic) and 6 (Efficiency) today (please refer to my Stages of a Kid’s Birthday Party post for a complete rundown). I am trying to talk myself into glorious Stage 7 (Calm Before the Storm), but instead I’m wrestling with low-level anxiety. It’s M’s 10th … [Read more…]

Summer Concerts, Baseball, & More

It’s the first school-free week! Check your library, because most of them are kicking off their reading programs. As always, click on the day for a more complete list of what’s happening. Monday, June 25th Tuesday, June 26th SUMMER ART WORKSHOP—Relief and Installation Art at the Albany Institute of History and Art  Easy Nature Hike … [Read more…]

I Get Gnarly

We met friends in Hershey, PA on Thursday and spent all day Friday at Hershey Park, then made the drive home after a full day of playing. I’ll have a detailed review of the park over on KidsOutAndAbout.com soon. But for now, some random, non-park-related observations. First, as we began our long drive home, I … [Read more…]

I’m on TV! Also: Fireflies.

I’m too tired to write. Here’s the link to my Newschannel 13 Live at Noon segment. And if you are my personal FB friend and you “like” Capital District Fun, I apologize for inundating you with this link over and over again. Tonight I was still working on the KidsOutAndAbout.com newsletter, and meanwhile J was … [Read more…]

The Ice Cream Man

I mentioned that yesterday was filled with driving and soccer. During our final game, I overheard some of the parents talking about our proximity to The Ice Cream Man, located in Greenwich, and my ears perked up. I knew that The Profussor and friends had recently toured some of the best-known area spots for homemade … [Read more…]

First Day at the Pool

It was our first day at the pool! Yay! It was an excellent day all-around. J scored a play date during M’s soccer game, which is especially excellent because tomorrow will pretty much be devoted to soccer. Yeah, I know it’s Father’s Day. Don’t even get me started on that one. The final piece of … [Read more…]

Field Day Recovery

I got to spend twice as much time at Field Day as my children. In the morning, while M and the big kids were out,  I was a playground monitor. It was pretty boring. Ironic, too, because I am very laissez-faire about the playground. On my own, I fully support kids going up the slides … [Read more…]