Having a Me Party

Today was Day 1 of the Me Party. I dropped my family at the airport, then went back home to bed. Once I’d roused myself, I headed to the library for some audiobooks. I have organizing and general household drudgery to do, and there’s nothing to motivate me to continue that sort of thing than a lovely mindless book being read to me.

I alternated between organizing and slobbery all day and didn’t leave the house again until early evening, when I roused myself for a bike ride.

First, look at how lovely my hydrangeas are!

I have another picture, too, because I love how they shift from green to blue.

Once I got started on the bike I headed to Central Park, where I was surprised by a free concert. I was confused, because usually I expect their concerts on Sunday night, but I was oh-so-delighted to sit for a few songs.

This little interval made me appreciate my solitude much more than the more low-key delight of washing the kitchen floor without having a single person enter in search of snacks. If we’d been biking with the whole family, I would have had to bike more slowly, of course, and then there’d be all sorts of discussion and negotiation about whether or not to stop, and if so, for how long, and could we please buy some cotton candy?

Afterwards, I headed over the the rose garden. There’s been quite a bit of hand-wringing over Central Park in the Daily Gazette lately, because it’s apparently more unkempt than usual. However, the rose garden is gorgeous.

Really, it’s lovely. And for me, it was excellent to pause for five minutes and then move on. When I’m with the girls, we must spend half an hour, minimum. It was excellent to just wander at my own pace without having to think hard about every little decision.


To cap it off, when I started pondering which chick flick to watch on my Netflix queue, two of the movies in the queue were set to expire July 1st. Sounds like a double feature, baby! Better get watching.

More pretty pictures!

There aren’t just roses at the rose garden, either.


  1. Maggie

    talking to a few people about starting a bona fide non-profit group to generate support (and $) for the park. Sort of a “Friends of Central Park” type gig. Rose Garden has one but not the park itself and it has lost massive funding and staff in recent years. If you’re interested or know people who might be, let me know (it was my mom who wrote the letter to the editor, and my friends and I who bought the bench, btw). Something needs to change over there.

  2. @Jenn, It is!
    @Christine, thanks!
    @Maggie, definitely tell me when it gets up and running–it sounds like great community service to do as a family for me or other “people I know” through Capital District Fun and KidsOutAndAbout. Thanks!

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