The New Gardening Initiative

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve exhausted myself over gardening lately, and now I feel the need to get you caught up. This year’s gardening initiative began when we decided to tackle some of our front shrubs. I talked about this and included a delightful photo of Cute W taking a chain saw to … [Read more…]

This Week

Camping was wonderful. I am exhausted. I’ll post details later. For now, we’ve got the week, and it’s not too exciting. June is a tough month, I think, because everyone with kids in school is going nutty with spring sports and dance recitals and music concerts and end-of-the-year stuff. The free summer concerts and activities … [Read more…]

Pre: Camping

This is an auto-post. Hopefully we’re camping right now, and it’s not storming all over us. The scene prior to camping was not so good. I had a massive gardening task that I had to complete. More on that later. Then I settled down to write a couple of posts, quickly. J started hovering around … [Read more…]

Pilates at the JCC

I’ve been doing a Pilates class with Lori at the Schenectady JCC.  I really love it. Well, okay. I really love it as soon as I am done. Or maybe, during the last five minutes, when we’re doing something all calming and stretchy and we’re finished. But I like it very much the rest of … [Read more…]

Wimping Out With Pictures

I managed to exhaust myself today, so I’m wimping out and just sharing a couple of pictures with you. First, here’s J all death-defying and triumphant: This awesome, ladder-like tree and others like it are available for climbing in the woods on the far side of our town soccer fields. Now, that’s what I call … [Read more…]

Niska-Day Photos

With getting sick, I forgot all about my Niska-Day photos. We had the debut of an actual float this year, courtesy of Price Chopper. The crowd cheered for Cookie Monster, and Cute W also cheered for Price Chopper, yelling, “Where’s Shop-Rite now, huh? Where’s their float!?!” We happily accepted Shop-Rite water bottles later. And who … [Read more…]

J is a Star, and I am Not

This morning began with a parenting fail. The girls left for school, and I sat down at my desk and looked at my calendar to try to plan meals for the week. Turns out we have dinner-interfering plans every single night, which has been a trend lately. I also noticed that I’d completely blown off … [Read more…]

New-Fangled, Old-Fashioned Holidays

Tomorrow is special, with two holidays manufactured to bring back the good ol’ days. First, it’s Take Our Children to the Park. . . And Leave Them There Day, brought to you by Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids. If you’d like to participate, I know where you can find a great list of playgrounds. … [Read more…]

Hairspray, Lupine Festival, Greek Festival, Dutch Heritage Festival, Niska-Day, and More This Weekend

Holy cow, there’s so much going on this weekend. And the weather’s supposed to be awesome. So if you aren’t tempted by all these fabulous offerings, you can just turn the sprinkler on and the kids will be delighted. Here’s this week’s newsletter, and remember that you can click on the date to get … [Read more…]