Schenectady Food Swap

Tonight was the first Schenectady Food Swap. You might remember that I was excited to hear that  my church in is the newest location for food swaps with the From Scratch Club.  When I mentioned it the other day, I said that I was “both intrigued and intimidated.” Luckily, they planned for people like me … [Read more…]

In Which I am a Good Citizen

We were late for gymnastics today because I had not anticipated the delightful gabfest that voting on the school budget would present. I’d delayed going to vote until after school because I had the vague idea that my children were required to accompany me in order to participate in their vote for the best flavor … [Read more…]

The Mother’s Day Report

As my daughter reminded me this morning, Mother’s Day is over. Weather-wise, that had to be just about the most fabulous Mother’s Day weekend ever. Loved it. Sure, we’ve crashed back into rainy, chilly reality again, but it was a Monday anyway, right? We’d had a soccer practice and game planned for tonight, both canceled, … [Read more…]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Christy Turlington’s organization Every Mother Counts is asking mothers to  raise awareness about maternal health issues by disappearing for Mother’s Day. I did not disappear. But I do think that you should be aware of the issue of global maternal health. The New York Times Motherlode blog had a recent post about … [Read more…]

Gardening Improvements

We’ve spent the last couple of days on gardening chores. Yesterday I picked up some flowers and vegetables and the girls and I attacked our forlorn container by the front porch and our small vegetable patch. We took “before” and “after” pictures because it’s so immensely satisfying to document accomplishments, no matter how small. That’s … [Read more…]

Cartoon Women and Our Media Diet

I’m fed up with distorted images of women and girls. Recently the websites I frequent kept assaulting me with pictures of a mother who’d made some questionable choices. It doesn’t matter which mother, because these news stories are all the same. Just another mother who does something extreme, which becomes sensationalized, it seems, entirely so … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Minefield

Walking around my house these days is like a minefield. A Minefield of Love. Everywhere I turn, J is working on another project for Mother’s Day. She is diligent. She is creative. She is prolific. Sadly, many of these creations will not make the cut. She will labor over a glorious and beautiful message that … [Read more…]

YMCA & Proctors do Parents Night Out

I heard about the YMCA & Proctors launching this new program, and I was so excited about it that I finally motivated myself to visit the new downtown Schenectady Y, even though I am still fairly bitter about its lack of pool on the premises. Some of that bitterness ebbed when I saw the pretty, … [Read more…]

This Week

It’s 9:26 pm and I just finally got done reading with J. Ugh. She fell asleep at about 5:30 pm, could not be awakened for dinner, and only finally woke up when I gave up and tried to bring her up to bed. Then of course she was hungry, and I said that we were … [Read more…]