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It’s 9:26 pm and I just finally got done reading with J. Ugh. She fell asleep at about 5:30 pm, could not be awakened for dinner, and only finally woke up when I gave up and tried to bring her up to bed. Then of course she was hungry, and I said that we were only going to read a bit, but we were at a crucial plot point (plus she’s had plenty of sleep already), so we read for a while. Cute W’s gone on business, which means I’d usually be firing up a chick flick, but I think I’m going to just have to blow it off and go to bed.

Wasn’t today just about the most gorgeous day ever? We spent all afternoon outside. This morning was church, but it was one of my favorite services, the Coming of Age service. I can’t ever make it through the service without crying. A bunch of 8th & 9th graders run the whole service, giving little talks on their personal credos and doing a story for the little kids and performing all the music, which today included piano, flute, violin, cello, bass, guitar, and recorder. It’s overwhelming enough that most of the kids are ones we’ve known since they were little and they are just so adorable and earnest, but then all the adults are so proud, and you can easily see (because we’re in the round) each kid’s parents completely losing their shit watching their kid. Which means that every year I’m trying to wipe away tears, all nonchalant, and I can’t even make eye contact with anyone for fear that we’ll burst out laughing at ourselves. When my daughters actually do this I will be a mess. A complete, freaking mess. I will try my best not to humiliate them, but they might just have to suck it up.

Anyway, click the days for a more complete list of stuff, or I’ve picked out on event per day just for the heck of it. I know that I usually do more, but between half-sobbing all morning and playing all afternoon and knowing that my adorable husband will not be available in the morning, I’m just ready to go to bed now. Remember, you can also check out What about TODAY? for regularly scheduled events. If this awesome weather continues, don’t forget about Capital District Family-Friendly Hikes and our Playground List.

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  1. Christina Wicks

    Happy Monday Morning – Can I throw a shout-out about the West Sand Lake Elementary School Carnival on Saturday 5/12 from 11 – 4.
    Family Fun – Carnival Games, Face Painting, Vendors, Demonstrations, over 75 Raffle Items, Carnival Food and a BBQ…a fun day for all.

  2. @Christina, Absolutely! And I was going to recommend that you add it to KidsOutAndAbout, but you figured that out already, so way to go! I do a weekend post on Thursday, so I’ll list it there.

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