Baby Animal Days, Adirondack Adventure Festival, I Love My Park Day, and More This Weekend

Hey! Sorry this post is late, but we were at the circus. I’ve already promised that I’ll post a review on the Facebook page tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll have a special reader review over here on Capital District Fun, too. Is anyone else excited about the rapidly expanding food options around here? Personally, I … [Read more…]


I’m always gathering links to share.  Here are a few: This is a blog post from a Dad experiencing Parental Angst over how he behaved watching his kid play soccer. For some reason it’s a lovely change of pace to empathize with paternal anxiety instead of maternal anxiety all the time. It’s a reminder that … [Read more…]

Too Busy for TV

It’s Screen-Free Week at the girls’ school, and for the first time ever, it’s actually a breeze. Although our dinners together have suffered with all of our activities, another happier by-product is that the girls haven’t been watching tv on weekdays at all. Typically, if my kids watch tv during the week, it starts between … [Read more…]