Pre: Camping

This is an auto-post. Hopefully we’re camping right now, and it’s not storming all over us.

The scene prior to camping was not so good. I had a massive gardening task that I had to complete. More on that later.

Then I settled down to write a couple of posts, quickly.

J started hovering around the computer, making little sighs. She needed something, but when I’d ask her what she needed, she’d say, “Nothing.” But she’d continue to hover and sigh and bump into me and generally make it impossible to focus. Turns out that she wanted tape. But she couldn’t find the kid-designated dispenser that I’d given them so that they wouldn’t steal my dispenser. And then my dispenser was missing, because they’d taken that, too. So then she wanted the tape that I keep hidden for these occasions, and I got a teensy bit irritated about that. She found some crafty duct tape instead.

Then M came downstairs and asked where her dad was. I told her that he was buying camping provisions, and she burst into tears. She wanted to go with him. She did not think to say, “Dad, when you go, can I go with you?” and he did not think to say, “Girls, does anyone want to come with me?” So she lay on the carpet next to me, sobbing because she missed the trip.

Cute W arrived home irritated with the shopping excursion results, and M was weepy and refusing to speak to him even after he apologized. Thus ensued high drama in which the idea of scrapping the whole camping trip was bandied about.

Cute W and M have left, looking for forgotten provisions. I am done with this post and going to kick into high packing gear.

And, to improve everyone’s mood, I found J. And look what she needed tape for!

We were supposed to leave right after lunch. Hopefully we’ll be out of the house by nightfall.

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