Family Notes and Links

We decided that we just weren’t busy enough this summer, so we took a little road trip to Rochester. Actually, I caught a ride with Adrienne from Albany Kid on for a meeting on Wednesday (remember my car trouble/luck?), and then Cute W and the girls joined me on Friday. We went hither, thither, and … [Read more…]

Vinewood Acres Farm Camp

We’ve been doing Farm Camp at Vinewood Acres for the first time this year. M went last week with some of her friends, and J’s going this week. The person who runs the camp is a kindergarten teacher, and most of the animals are rescued in one way or another. Like the brown horse, below, … [Read more…]

Weekly Post

Hey everybody. I’m completely exhausted by a jam-packed weekend of fun in Rochester with the family, so I’m slacking a bit and not listing as much. Click on the days for a more complete list: All Week/Multiple Days If your kids are early risers, you might want to try Breakfast at the Track. On Tuesday … [Read more…]

Produce for Kids Giveaway Winner!

Veronica, who contributed comment #9, as won the giveaway of a $50 Price Chopper gift card and Ideal Meals recipe cards! It’s worth it to go back and read all of the ideas that people shared about how to get kids eating more fruits and vegetable. Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas, and thanks … [Read more…]

In Which I Enjoy Good Fortune

How convenient for me that All Over Albany just posted my little Camping with Kids piece so that I can slack off tonight. This is the second time I’ve been lucky today. Really, I should say even-luckier-than-usual, because I’m generally lucky. And yes, I just knocked on wood. Our engine light went on in our … [Read more…]