Produce for Kids/Price Chopper Giveaway!

I’ve said before that I’m always trying to get kids to eat healthfully, and I’ve even shared my tips on how to get kids to eat vegetables. You’ve also heard me say that I’m cheap. So when someone from Produce for KidsĀ® asked if we might want to do a giveway, I said, “Heck, yeah!” … [Read more…]

A Link and Circus Smirkus Mini-Review

Here’s a link from Free Range Kids about how moms created their own neighborhood camp. Sounds super-awesome, but I’m hoping that someone else in my neighborhood will do this and I can just cheer them on and boast to all of you about my glorious neighborhood (again). So, who’s up for it? Last night’s Circus … [Read more…]

Another Backyard Campout

On Saturday we attended a party/campout, an annual event. It was excellent, as always. A main attraction was the collection of home brews. The hard cider was my favorite. There’s always a ton of music. All kinds. Our friends had a groovy new s’more maker. You can find a s’more maker like it online. Both … [Read more…]

Where’s Waldo?

Both The Open Door Bookstore in Schenectady and Market Block Books in Troy are doing special Where’s Waldo activities in July. You and your child can hunt for 20 Waldos scattered among local businesses, find Waldo, and win prizes. Hooray for shopping local and making it fun for the kiddos. The Open Door Bookstore also … [Read more…]

Fort of Awesomeness

The girls and Cute W had an excellent time with Grandma and Grandpa and their aunt, uncle, and cousins. The main event of the visit was working on a colossal and awesome fort that Grandpa had been laboring over for quite a while. He’d completed the main construction, but there were plenty of accessories that … [Read more…]

Hershey Park Review and other Links

I wrote a review of our recent trip to Hershey Park–you can check it out over on KidsOutAndAbout. In other internet news you might want to use: All Over Albany collects ideas on where to go paddleboarding All Over Albany readers help you hunt for fossils in the area The TU’s Outdoors blog has a … [Read more…]