Fort of Awesomeness

The girls and Cute W had an excellent time with Grandma and Grandpa and their aunt, uncle, and cousins. The main event of the visit was working on a colossal and awesome fort that Grandpa had been laboring over for quite a while. He’d completed the main construction, but there were plenty of accessories that still needed work. Cute W was excited because the girls were eager to hone their skills on a fun project. Here’s M drilling:

They even got cute little tool belts. Here’s J taking a turn:

The girls were working on adding the holds for a rock climbing wall. Here’s M climbing it after it’s completed (and a view of the whole fort):

Hello! I told you it was awesome. It’s not a tree house because it isn’t supported by the trees, but it’s close enough that the kids can climb from fort to tree and back:

It was really hot for their entire visit. Luckily they also installed water cannons:

Lest you think that these girls are hopelessly indulged by their handy Grandpa only, please take note of J’s 4th of July plate:

I pulled up this picture and M said, “Oh, yeah. We ate a LOT of junk food.” Grandma also took them shopping at Vera Bradley (which I still don’t understand), so as soon as I saw them they were pointing out the features and benefits of their quilted floral purchases.

They had a lovely time. And one last picture of J playing with sparklers with this lovely artsy shot by Cute W (okay, all the shots are by Cute W, but here’s the artsy one):




  1. Love the tree house, love the junk food admission and love the pics! Looks like a great time – good to see the girls wielding tools! I’m sure you’re glad they’re home!

  2. June

    Steve and I may be feeling slightly inadequate as grandparents. My only hope is to catch up in the junk food department…once Lily starts eating!

  3. @Deb: me, too.
    @HollowSquirrel: junk food is all part of the grandparent love.
    @June: I’m sure that you’ll more than make up for any tree fort inadequacies with super-delicious food.

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