Feelin’ Pretty

Many years ago, Cute W met up with my sister Jane and while greeting her, he said, “You look tired.”

Jane, who speaks with great passionate and vehemence on any number of topics, admonished him. “You never tell a woman that she looks tired. Or, if you do, you have to follow it up with a compliment. You have to say that she looks pretty or something.”

From then on, for years, Cute W would say to me, “You look tired. . . but pretty.” We’d say it to each other so often that it’s become a family idiom. At this point, for example, if Cute W saw me looking like this:

He’d say, “Wow, you’re looking. . . pretty.”

Today we were all looking pretty. J spent all morning doing gymnastics camp at Cartwheels, M was doing Farm Camp at Vinewood Acres, and then we all spent the afternoon at the pool, J with me at the town pool and M and a crowd of friends at the Schenectady JCC. By the end of the day, Cute W declared that we all looked quite overwhelmingly pretty.

And I’m too pretty to post. So here are some links:


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