It’s That Time of Year! Share a Guest Post While I Enjoy Some Beach Time


Regular readers will know that when I go on vacation, I occasionally ask for a little help from readers. We’re heading to the beach in North Carolina on Friday, August 4th, and we’ll be returning on Saturday, August 11th. So, okay: I should have asked for help earlier. But better late than never!

If you have a favorite Capital District destination, something fun to do, or information that you think readers like you would want to have, you can email me about submitting a special Guest Post. To see some examples of past guest posts, you can click here.

A couple of notes: if you’re not sure if I’ve already covered something or if you’re not sure if your topic’s appropriate, just  email me to ask. Even if it’s something I’ve posted about, a new perspective might be lovely. If you have your own blog, I’m happy to link to it. I  I also like to have a photo when possible, so if you can successfully email me a photo, I can take it from there.  I’d welcome contributions if you can get them to me by Wednesday, August 1st, at noon. Please email me at capitaldistrictfun [at] yahoo [dot] com to let me know so that I can plan my posts ahead of time. Thank you very much for your help!

Unlike my Lake Placid vacations, I will still have internet access, so depending on the guest posts I have and my level of motivation, I’ll probably do a mix of guest posts, auto-posts, and seaside reports.

M and her cousin

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