Vinewood Acres Farm Camp

We’ve been doing Farm Camp at Vinewood Acres for the first time this year. M went last week with some of her friends, and J’s going this week. The person who runs the camp is a kindergarten teacher, and most of the animals are rescued in one way or another. Like the brown horse, below, who was a racehorse who was worked too hard.

The kids help out around the farm, feeding the animals and doing farm tasks. They also focus on a different animal each day, and they do little crafts in a small classroom space.

The best part is that the kids get to do plenty of hands-on stuff, petting and holding baby pigs, chicks, rabbits, and other animals. It’s a fairly small group and the ages are mixed, with some middle-school aged former campers to serve as helpers.

M loved-loved-loved her week of Farm Camp. J came home today saying that it was fun but also very hot. So I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the week goes for her.



  1. Jodi

    Would love to look into this further, but the Vinewood link isn’t working–says the URL was not found. Any chance you could try again? TY!

  2. Big Sister

    In August, I’ll be holding WEED Camp, followed by CLEAN OUT THE BASEMENT Camp. Anybody want to sign up?

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