Projects Around the House

I was just chatting with another mom about how we’ve mentally and emotionally checked out of school. We’re done. It was so gorgeous outside tonight, and the girls were having such fun, again, that it just kills me to make them come inside and go to bed. Especially since there’s not too much actual learning … [Read more…]

Our Last Full Week of School

Hope everyone enjoyed this mostly-beautiful weekend! We were actually excited when it was rainy on Saturday, because we kicked off our Harry Potter film festival, now that we’ve finished off all the books with both girls. In between household tasks and social engagements we managed to knock out the first three movies this weekend. Instead … [Read more…]

Links for You

I’m feeling lazy, so here are some links. On the TU’s Parent to Parent blog, they’re kicking around ideas for where to go for hip hop dance classes. The Empire State Plaza schedule is out! I’m excited that Mike Doughty’s coming. I heard about it from All Over Albany. They just did a review of … [Read more…]

Weeding Our Perennial Garden

After replacing some of the ugly shrubs in our front yard, I mentioned to Mary that I planned to tackle the perennial garden next. I was really just being a big talker. I thought I might try–I don’t know–weeding a teensy bit more. But Mary took my big talking to heart, and within a few … [Read more…]

June is Insanity

I am trying not to hyperventilate over all of the end-of-the-year celebrations. Is it just me? I feel like every other email I receive is an invitation to a kid’s party or a solicitation to help volunteer at another thing-a-ma-jig at school. My desk is littered with camp registration paperwork. Today I spent 45 minutes … [Read more…]