First Day at the Pool

It was our first day at the pool! Yay!

It was an excellent day all-around. J scored a play date during M’s soccer game, which is especially excellent because tomorrow will pretty much be devoted to soccer. Yeah, I know it’s Father’s Day. Don’t even get me started on that one.

The final piece of M’s new bed ensemble arrived, so she was psyched, and the whole family hit the pool, where we ate pizza and wings  with friends and the adults lolled about while the kids frolicked. The report is that the town pool is “almost too warm.” Which sounds just right to me. But I didn’t even dip my toe in because I was too busy chatting.

On the way out, we examined the reason that a portion of the parking lot was blocked off with orange cones:

It’s a nesting bird! She’s actually still got at least one egg underneath her, but if you look carefully you can see one baby, slightly up and left of the mother in this photo. They blend in pretty well, which is probably why she thought this spot was a good idea. All of the vehicles driving around make it seem like a not-so-good idea, but of course, the pool only opened today, so it was probably pretty quiet before.  And of course, I have no true concept of her Inner Avian Struggles, so I will not judge this mother’s choices, as is my policy.

We arrived home early enough to watch yet another Harry Potter movie–we’ve now completed 5 of 8. After the movie, M invited J to sleep on the new futon in her room. When I went up for bedtime kisses that child was thrilled. Thrilled. Really, it was an excellent day.

And yes, I wore SPF 50 and reapplied twice, thank you very much.


  1. Kelli

    Okay… what town pool is it thats almost “too warm” because that’s where I want to be! I live in Rotterdam but Ive never tried out any of our public pools… and currently 6 months pregnant… spending my summer nights & weekends in a not-freezing pool sounds glorious.

  2. @Kelli, It’s the Niskayuna town pool. But another good nearby option is Collins Lake in Scotia. Ugh, it is tough to be hugely pregnant in August. J was born way overdue on Oct. 1. Good luck & take it easy!

  3. Kelli

    Thanks! Do you have to be a Nisky resident? And do you know anything about the pools on Rotterdam? Im thinking the front st pool is nicer since you have to pay to get in?
    I wish we had a pool! But then I’d also have to wish for a pool boy because we just wouldn’t have time to keep up with it!

  4. @Kelli, Unfortunately, I think that Niskayuna is pretty snooty and only admits people who either live in the town or the school district. I don’t know anything about the Rotterdam pools. The Front Street pool is fine, not especially nice or especially bad. Central Park is decent and zero entry, which is nice, but it does get crowded. I think that you should just break down and buy one of those ginormous inflatable pools for your backyard. Then just climb in and submerge yourself all afternoon. Or invite friends and tell them that they’re in charge of snacks.

  5. @Kelli, And if you’re dying to try the Nisky pool, I bet that they still let in guests who are friends/visitors of residents, so you could always contact me!

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