More Music This Week

I have a couple of items that I missed back when I did the week’s post.

First, the Nisky Dixie Cats will be playing at the Niskayuna Town Gazebo tonight (Tuesday) at 7 pm, and The Rogues will be playing rock and roll on Thursday at 7 pm at the gazebo.

The Homespun Occasions folks will be doing a Family Dance Concert at 11 am this Thursday in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs.   They are absolutely super-fun for all ages.

Speaking of music, Ruth Pelham’s Music Mobile will be at Schenectady’s Central Park at 10 am on Thursday.  I wouldn’t click if I were you:  there’s the Music Mobile theme song, and I couldn’t find the information on the website, but I promise that I saw a flyer.  This is a good event for younger kids:  songs, usually a simple craft that involves some music participation.  Alas, Tiny Tot Land remains closed.

I also should have mentioned that Friday afternoon kicks off the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  This is a bit of a drive, but it’s quite a family-friendly event.  Part of me wishes that I could bring J to play some more tambourine, but we’re in desperate need of a quiet weekend at home.

Also on Friday, Hamilton Hill Arts Center is hosting Gospelfest at 6 pm at Jerry Burrell Park in Schenectady.  (another musical link!  hope you’re not reading this at work!)

Finally, and I’ve said it before, if you are a music junkie, you should really be following Nippertown.  They’ve got links to tons of free music series.  They’ll do a post when they hear about something, but then at the bottom they’ll link to all of their “Real Good for Free” posts, so it’s worth it to take a look to make sure that you’re not missing out.

I do my best to keep up with as many as I can, but I’ve got to tell you:  this summer has not been as relaxing as I’d anticipated.  There’s so much going, both around the Capital District and at our house, that lately I’ve been finding myself posting not when I run out of things to list, as I would in the past, but just because I’ve run out of energy and can’t possibly list everything out there.  So if there’s a library or museum that you particularly enjoy visiting, you might want to get on their email lists as well ask checking the blog.  This site is, of course, a work in progress, so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with ways to keep you up-to-date without going nutty myself!


  1. Heather B

    Thanks so much for doing this! You are awesome! Just know that all that you offer is such a help to all of us manic mommies trying to do a little bit of everything this summer!

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