Saturday Fun

We had an excellent Saturday. We started with an early-morning soccer game, with M playing and Cute W coaching. The kids played well and won, so there record is now 2-0. Whoop, whoop.

Later in the morning we headed out to pick apples. We decided to orchard-hop, heading to Lindsey’s for ladder-climbing fun and not too many people,

then stopping at Riverview Orchards on the way home for some freshly-made cider donuts, thus stumbling into the one big event that I’d forgotten to list on my weekend post, Clifton Park’s Farm Fest. I’ve been to Riverview many times, but I haven’t paid much attention to their shop. I generally don’t linger in shops, and I think that in the past, I had to monitor my kids to prevent them from crashing into anything or breaking stuff. I’d take them to look at the bees and then evacuate. This time, though, the girls are old enough to be left walking through the little hay bale maze unsupervised, and Cute W was in a line for donuts, and I noticed that they’ve got tons of Riverview Orchards products.

I mean, tons of products. Much more than you see here. We ended up going home with some Red Tart Cherry Salsa.

The girls, meanwhile, had noticed the Saratoga County Dairy Princess and another Dairy Ambassador who each wielded trays of tooth-picked cheese samples. J grabbed my arm and said in a low voice, “She seems a little fancy for an apple orchard.” Indeed, the princess was fancy from her small tiara to her sparkly dress to her high-heeled & strappy silver sandals. I explained that she was dressed because she was serving in her official capacity, and J overcome all ambivalence once she realized that free food samples were involved. Sure enough, we ended up taking some of the cheese home, too.

For lunch, the girls amused themselves by creating their own cheese platter and sampled the various goodies.

We were also excited that not only did Cute W and I like the salsa, J liked it. I’ve been trying for years to get my kids to like salsa, so I’m very excited and I hope that this will prove a “Gateway Salsa” to the wonderful world of salsa (here are a couple of fresh salsa recipes I shared before). And lest this all sound way too much like an idyllic afternoon, I’ll also report that shortly after Cute W and I wandered away from the snack platter I realized that things were altogether too quiet. I went back into the kitchen to discover the girls playing a competitive eating game in which one tried to shove cheese samples into her mouth as quickly as her sister tooth-picked them and handed them over. I hadn’t even gotten farther than, “Oh, no. That is wasteful and bad for–” before someone was gagging out cheese into the trash. Awesome.

But the rest of the day was excellent. I read a magazine and took a nap (!!!!), Cute W and the girls played their new Scallywags game that he’d brought home from his business trip, then Cute W and I played some tennis. Then a favorite dinner and a bottle of wine, and tonight we finally get to start the last season of Dexter delivered to us from Netflix. Now that’s an excellent day. In fact, I’m so excited that I’m going to be a rebel and not proofread. So please forgive me my typos.


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