Link-a-palooza, baby!

So far I’ve gathered up more than 70 links to share with you!  My list  includes places that appear to be really unbelievably fun, and I can’t believe I’d never heard of them.  It also includes obvious ones, sure, but conveniently located in one place for you to bookmark and use forever and ever–oh, happy day.

A gajillion thanks to Brian for fixing it so my links are prettier (to ME, even if you didn’t notice).

And where is this glorious link page, you may ask?  Well, I’m still working on it.   It’s coming soon.  But meanwhile, if you know about something not-obvious, but cultural or sports-y or helpful to the pregnant/new mom or just plain fun and you think we should all know about it, email me or comment, s’il vous plaît!

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