I started Capital District Fun because I wanted to write and I wanted to help people find things to do with their kids. In the four years (!!) since then, I’ve gained confidence writing here as well as for parenting magazines and websites, and I’ve started working as editor for KidsOutAndAbout, which spreads the word … [Read more…]

Look, I’m Here!

People who are accruing excessively bad karma were using my site to display all sorts of passwords starting on Friday night.  It was creepy and horrifying, especially when I started to respond by changing my password, and the display of passwords, still growing, suddenly included my brand-new user/password combo. So, I shut it down. Or, … [Read more…]

Housekeeping and an Update

I don’t have a quality post for you tonight. Instead, I was doing some housekeeping. The cute little icons for Facebook and other social media had inexplicably vanished from my blog, so I put in a new plug-in. It was very, very easy to do, but I’m concerned that its floating-ness might be too annoying. … [Read more…]

And So It Has Come To Pass

Cute W arrived home from work and asked, “What time are you going to your Snobby Book Group?” Uhhh. . . I’d forgotten about it entirely. Nevertheless, I’d read the book (Let the Great World Spin), and there’s always good food (tonight, homemade baklava by a mother of 4 boys under 6, not like you … [Read more…]

Dragging My Ass into 2011

Some of you may have noticed that I now have these cute little buttons over to the right. That’s because I’ve been tinkering. I am not particularly tech-savvy. Pretty much a Bambi in the forest when it comes to the whole, entire internet. But people are always telling me that I’m supposed to be better … [Read more…]

Kids Out and About

I met some friends at the playground the other day. There was a bit of chat about the blog, and a few of them told me that I should explain a little bit better about Capital District Fun and Kids Out and About. So I’ll try. If you’ve been reading for a while, you might … [Read more…]

Bumper Stickers!

So, I got this email from Megan Edgeller, who works at Build A Sign.com, [I removed the links b/c they were having mysterious Search Engine Issues, but you could hunt them down, I’ll bet].which makes (wait for it) signs, but also banners and magnets and custom bumper stickers. She offered to make me something, and … [Read more…]