Look, I’m Here!

People who are accruing excessively bad karma were using my site to display all sorts of passwords starting on Friday night.  It was creepy and horrifying, especially when I started to respond by changing my password, and the display of passwords, still growing, suddenly included my brand-new user/password combo. So, I shut it down. Or, I tried to shut it down and was completely flummoxed, so I submitted a help request email to the Dreamhost folks, choosing the “HELP! PEOPLE ARE DYING!!” status (yes, they really have a status that reads like that, which always made me laugh until Friday night). And then I cried myself to sleep (okay; not really, but I did have a sad) and let some helpful fellow shut it down for me.

Then I contacted my friend. Recently Obama and his colleagues asked him to come to DC to help them out with that Obamacare website, and he said no, thank you. But when Katie from Capital District Fun asked him to pretty-please help, he showed up and held my hand through figuring out how to fix things.

I’m not entirely sure that everything is fixed, but it’s being monitored. Figuring it out pretty much fried my brain, so I’m not writing too much. And the couple of recent hacks have made me seriously consider what I should be doing: continue as-is, stop blogging entirely, start fresh with different systems, and/or scale back considerably. So I’m thinking about that. And meanwhile, I probably won’t be posting too much over the next few days while I continue to tidy up tech issues.

Thank you for your patience.


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