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It’s still freakin’ snowing.  No, that’s not the news.  Although I think that I’ve had about all I can take of embracing winter at this point.

But, anyway, have you all heard. . .

The Friendly’s at St. James Square in Niskayuna closed.  Umm, their service was always super-horrible in my experience, so I am perhaps not as sorrowful as many.

The Toys R Us on Wolf Road is adding an expanded Babies R Us section, according to the TU’s Parent to Parent blog.

Speaking of TU blogs, Don Ritter wrote up a huge history of Thacher Park on his blog.

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  1. Jeff

    I agree with you about the Friendly’s. It was one of the worst-run restaurants I’ve been to. I’m amazed it remained open for 30 years. It has been a terrible restaurant throughout its history. No loss there.

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