Embracing Fall

The KidsOutAndAbout site is officially embracing fall, so I thought I would, too.  I’ve got my Fall Activities page available again on the right. When the weather first begins to get cooler at the end of summer, my kids’ natural tendency is to go into hibernation mode. So it takes a bit of extra effort … [Read more…]

A Quick Giveaway, Plus Our New Toys

Okay, first, thanks to a friend and MVP Healthcare, I have a couple of of Family 4-pack general admission entries to the Back to School Expo at the Empire State Plaza this Saturday, September 7th. Because I was consumed with painting M’s room (BOTH girls’ rooms are DONE! Hooray!), I’m running a bit behind schedule, … [Read more…]

Little Sand Point

Our camping trip over the weekend was at Little Sand Point on Lake Piseco in the Adirondacks. Cute W had picked a few possibilities, and I also appreciated getting a bit more information from A Single City Mom’s Guide to Camping, too. You’ll remember that   I mentioned that I had a little panic attack … [Read more…]

Camping Destinations

When I said that we were planning a camping trip, I got the same response at least three times: “Better you than me.” And each time I’d laugh and say, “I know, I know, but the kids love it.” Because they do. Every year at the beginning of summer I ask what they’d like to … [Read more…]

Hiking at Christman Sanctuary

Weekend before last the girls lobbied hard for a Father’s Day hike. They disagreed about exactly where to go, so I set them up in front of my list of family friendly hikes to come to an agreement, and they settled on Christman Sanctuary. We arrived and it was muddy. Unbelievably, might-get-your-shoes-sucked-off, smells-like-a-dank-bog muddy. Experienced … [Read more…]

Indian Ladder Trail at Thacher

It’s embarrassing to admit it, but even though we’ve camped at Thompson’s Lake and visited the friendly and wonderful Thacher Nature Center and hiked and even snowshoed around Thacher Park, somehow I’d managed to miss everyone’s favorite trail, the Indian Ladder Trail. I had to laugh when a guest poster this summer reminded all of … [Read more…]

Guest Post: Thacher Park

Here’s a guest post from Nicole. Her “sometimes-updated” (her words, not mine!) blog is It’s Loverly. Thanks, Nicole! For those of us who have called the Capital District home for most of our lives, Thacher Park is one of those places we return to again and again. Or at least that’s how it’s been for … [Read more…]

Vinewood Acres Farm Camp

We’ve been doing Farm Camp at Vinewood Acres for the first time this year. M went last week with some of her friends, and J’s going this week. The person who runs the camp is a kindergarten teacher, and most of the animals are rescued in one way or another. Like the brown horse, below, … [Read more…]

Having a Me Party

Today was Day 1 of the Me Party. I dropped my family at the airport, then went back home to bed. Once I’d roused myself, I headed to the library for some audiobooks. I have organizing and general household drudgery to do, and there’s nothing to motivate me to continue that sort of thing than … [Read more…]