I’m on TV! Also: Fireflies.

I’m too tired to write. Here’s the link to my Newschannel 13 Live at Noon segment. And if you are my personal FB friend and you “like” Capital District Fun, I apologize for inundating you with this link over and over again. Tonight I was still working on the KidsOutAndAbout.com newsletter, and meanwhile J was … [Read more…]

Wimping Out With Pictures

I managed to exhaust myself today, so I’m wimping out and just sharing a couple of pictures with you. First, here’s J all death-defying and triumphant: This awesome, ladder-like tree and others like it are available for climbing in the woods on the far side of our town soccer fields. Now, that’s what I call … [Read more…]

Fairy Houses

I just realized that I forgot to post about M’s favorite activity during our Mother-Daughter Camp-out: fairy houses! One of the dads had encountered amazing fairy houses in his travels. (A little closer to home, you can find some fairy houses at the Berkshire Botanical Garden.) He and his daughter were excited to share the … [Read more…]

Capital District Family-Friendly Hikes Plus Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, & Ice Skating

Over the weekend,  The Daily Gazette included a list of Schenectady County hikes. I compared it to my list of Family-Friendly Hikes and realized that I was missing some, so I updated the page for you. At the bottom I’ve also included a couple of my favorite local nature-appreciation blogs as well, just in case … [Read more…]

Camping at Glimmerglass

We spent Saturday night camping at Glimmerglass State Park with folks from our church. I had never been to Glimmerglass–or Cooperstown at all, for that matter–so it was a new adventure. I wasn’t actually psyched about it. I’m getting lazier as the summer wears on, and the prospect of packing up the car for a … [Read more…]

Sure. . . YOU can go swimming. Advice?

A reader asked on Facebook: I would love some reviews of the pools at Saratoga State Park. Which is better? Are they typically crowded? Worth the drive from Schenectady? Appropriate for 1 year-old, 3-year-old, 8-year-old? Tips from other moms? I’ve never gone swimming there (and won’t, of course, today)–anybody else have advice to share?


One of the many items Cute W decided that we needed to pack for our Lake Placid trip was our washers game. Washers is the perfect casual, backyard, while-you’re-having-a-barbecue game. After playing it at a friend’s house, handy Cute W whipped up this frame–there are two of them. Rules vary from player to player, but … [Read more…]