Sure. . . YOU can go swimming. Advice?

A reader asked on Facebook:

I would love some reviews of the pools at Saratoga State Park. Which is better? Are they typically crowded? Worth the drive from Schenectady? Appropriate for 1 year-old, 3-year-old, 8-year-old? Tips from other moms?

I’ve never gone swimming there (and won’t, of course, today)–anybody else have advice to share?


  1. Colleen

    We’ve gone to the peerless pool and really liked it! The zero-depth entry is really great with the little ones. I hear it can get really crowded on weekends. We went on a weekday and it was great, but the kiddie pool was closed. It’s a nice pool with a fountain in the middle, but they told us it only opens if there are enough people to warrant it. It also has it’s own lifeguard. So you may want to call ahead to see if it’s open. Although after the initial disappointment we realized it really didn’t matter with the zero entry and had just as much fun.

    There are plenty of bathrooms really close and a full-service snack bar and you can bring your snacks poolside. There is also a separate small pool with a big slide that is a hit with the big kids (my husband and I did it too!) There is a playground outside of the pool area too. It can be hard to find shade so you should bring hats or an umbrella.

  2. amym

    peerless is more kid friendly. there are usually a ton of summer camps there so it is very crowded even during the week. they are not open on tues. victoria allows children, but it seems more adult friendly. smaller. surrounded by lovely buildings and they serve cocktails. not alot of shade. and it is always safe bet to bring your own chair/lounger and umbrella unless you get there as it opens.

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