New Header!

Remember that I said that I was trying to do technological stuff yesterday?  Well, I’ve been working on getting a non-generic photo on the blog.  The top heading actually shuffles between photos, but thus far I’d only managed to get the cute-but-generic mom and daughters in a lovely-but-generic setting.

Thanks to C, who took lovely photos, and her delightful husband B, who helped me figure out technological stuff that I was stuck on, you might actually see a picture of me & M & J in an actual Capital District location.  It looks a little bit fake, I know.  That’s because I’m fumbling my way through Photoshop.  If you hate it, just refresh the page until it’s the old picture that you’re used to seeing.  Or if you’re seeing the same old picture, you can refresh a couple of times until you see us.

I’m hoping that I’ll gradually have a few different photos of us in various Capital District locations to switch it up a bit.  And that I’ll get better at Photoshop.  And that my butt will shrink to a size 2.  So, we’ll see how that goes. . . .

Weekend post coming soon–right now, J’s begging to cuddle.


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