Albany Pine Bush

We visited the Albany Pine Bush today.  I hadn’t been there for quite a while–enough so that I’d basically forgotten all about it.   We started with a hike.  It was hot.  The shade was comfortable, but it was mostly sunny and hot-hot-hot, especially with areas of the trail so sandy. What’s great about the Albany … [Read more…]


We spent much of the day putting our garden in, and it’s our wedding anniversary, so I’ve got to get ready for a date! Which means I’m slacking on a post for you.  Maybe take a hike or go to a playground?  The state parks are back open–yay.   Plus, Shrek’s playing at, umm, about … [Read more…]

Big Girls

First:  the bug update.  I’m pretty sure that it was black flies and mosquitoes all along.  Yesterday J and her BFF went into the woods and when they emerged, BFF was covered with bites and J had a few bites on the bottoms of her feet and one along her hairline behind her ear–some of … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend

Sure, the conventional choice for a Memorial Day Weekend post might be an American flag, but instead I took a picture of what’s in front of me:  Isis the cat.  Lookin’ for some love while her human just wants to  finish the blog post.  It’s a little irritating, but not as irritating as sneaking rodents … [Read more…]

Free Summer Events Preview #2

I had absolutely no Capital District Fun today.  It was a bad, bad day.  It was almost comically bad, like my recent car trip.  So that I started taking pictures to document my intense lack of fun for your pleasure.  But I’m too exhausted to go into the story.  So that will be tomorrow’s post.  … [Read more…]

Memorial Day

Phew!  Hot enough for ya?  We’re officially beginning the pool opening countdown.  If anybody’s got recommendations for their favorite water spots–parks or pools or streams, anywhere where the kids can get wet–I’d love to hear about them. Especially places that happen to be available at this very moment. Meanwhile, back to business. So, looking around … [Read more…]

The Longest Day of the Year

That’s what my neighbor Mary calls Niska-Day.  The kids (all four of them, because of our sleepover guests) were up super-early, then there was parading, candy catching, biking to the festivities, general frolicking, playground-playing, biking back, hitting the neighborhood party, and in just over an hour there are fireworks.  J begged to go to the … [Read more…]