My New Jewelry Tree

We’d already started on the bathroom remodel project when Cute W said his mom needed ideas for a Mother’s Day gift for me. I immediately thought of my soon-to-be counter space that would come with my little window seat. After all, how much sitting around would I actually want to do in the bathroom? (I … [Read more…]

Keep Calm and Eat a Banana

Saturday before last was J’s first-ever gymnastics meet. Honestly? It was a bit of a Parental Endurance Test, not least because it involved seven and a half hours combined of driving and hanging around for less than 5 minutes of my kid actually doing gymnastics. J loves gymnastics, but there are plenty of other things … [Read more…]

Hell, No!

Did I tell you that I’m taking a trip South? Yep! I’m having a “Girls Plus Dad Weekend” in Savannah for the Savannah Book Festival. Fun, right? Three out of four of my sisters and I are meeting down at my parents’ house. I’m actually writing this in the Philadelphia airport on Thursday morning, and … [Read more…]

Veggie Chips

Remember how I said I wanted this Topchips veggie chip maker for Christmas? Well, I got it, so I thought that I’d share a little report. Here’s what it looks like: Basically, it’s a mini mandolin slicer with a tray that you put in the microwave (it’s all supposed to be okay for the dishwasher, … [Read more…]

Gift Ideas for Yourself. Or Me. Or Whatever.

Beyond trying to figure out gifts for the various children and other loved ones in my life, I’ve been coming up with gift ideas for myself lately, and I thought that I’d share some stuff on my wish list and/or things that you might ask for, if you’re looking for ideas. Here’s something new I … [Read more…]