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Hey! I started to make a link list, and then I remembered that I can embed videos easily now, too. And then I realized that when I embed the videos, it screws around with my formatting. And then I decided that I didn’t care. And then I started typing this, and I started to care, and briefly considered that if I just did a better job with aesthetics I would attract more readers and the World would be my Oyster, and I became both discouraged and regretful for a moment, but luckily, in the time that it’s taken to type all that in, I’ve decided that I don’t actually give too much of a crap, after all.

So here are some links (and embedded videos) for you to enjoy!

Wendalicious posted about Panera’s Secret Hidden Menu that’s low-carb. Okay, it’s not exactly secret secret, but I sure as heck didn’t know about it, did you?

Have you seen this funny video about Books on Parenting from Portlandia?

KelliDaisy offers up video of Jennifer Lawrence answering press questions after the Oscars that only makes me wish I could go out drinking with her more than I did already.

The New York City Ballet schedule at SPAC is out, and since it just keeps getting shorter, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Nothing like a feel-good story about high school kids being awesome: this one’s from a basketball game in Texas.


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