Souvenir Jewelry

My 9-year-old niece, with the help of my brother’s girlfriend (who has bravely shown up to mingle with 20 or so relatives for a full week!) has been making necklaces from the seashells and sea glass that she’s found on the beach. They look surprisingly great.  I’m a little bummed, actually, because I missed getting … [Read more…]

Like Thunder and Lightning

We’re in a big ol’ beach house nestled between a bunch of other big ol’ beach houses.  This is the second time that we’ve stayed at this house, and last time, our next-door neighbors were a bunch of fraternity-sorority types.  When we arrived we feared the worst, but they were surprisingly quiet and conscientious. This … [Read more…]

Ah, vacation!

We’re having such a lovely time that I might skip out on posting tomorrow.  No matter what I’ll have the weekend post for you, though.  Wait, what day is it?  I’m losing track. Here’s the gorgeous red moon we saw from our deck last night: One of the kids’ favorite activities is searching for crabs.  … [Read more…]

This Week

Hey!  We’re all exhausted from excessive cousin fun and sporting crispy noses in spite of 4 or 5 (or more) sunscreen applications today.  The week for us:  more of the same.  The week for you?  Actually, there’s quite a bit happening: Monday, June 28th From 10 am to 4:30 pm, it’s a Kickoff for Summer … [Read more…]

Backyard Camping

Did you know that today’s the day for the Great American Backyard Campout? The girls love to camp. Each June, we come up with a checklist of what we absolutely must do to ensure a fabulous summer, and camping is always number one on the list.  This, despite our lack of camping luck.  The first time that … [Read more…]

Good Stuff From Other People

I’m slacking off today and just telling you about good stuff that people besides me have been sharing lately. The Albany Mommy Blog has a list of local county fairs for the summer.  She also reminded me to tell you about the free water ski shows in Scotia–here’s that schedule. Albany Kid put together a … [Read more…]

Last Weekend in June

First, I had to laugh at this Onion article–how perfect that it actually says it’s from Niskayuna, NY!  Between this and that news brief they did on period movies, it’s as if they can peer into my Very Soul. Here’s what’s going on this weekend: All Weekend The Old Songs Festival is at the Altamont … [Read more…]

Getting Wet

Okay, I’ve once again become carried away with the post when there’s a frightening pile of laundry to be folded.  Have I mentioned that we’re taking another long car trip that begins day after tomorrow?  So you’d think that I’d take it easy and just work ahead on the weekend post, right?  I mean, that’s … [Read more…]

Summer Fun Toys

I thought that I’d tell you about two outdoor toys we’ve been enjoying lately. M wanted the Max Liquidators as part of her birthday celebration.  I was skeptical, because they act like a syringe, drawing plenty of water and spraying it out quickly.  These seem like a perfect backyard pool toy, but we don’t have … [Read more…]

Post o’ Triumph

For those of you who’ve been wondering how our weekend was, I’ll update you with my first-ever blog post chock full of triumph. Triumph #1: The ice cream cake turned out pretty well. It was touch and go for a bit when I lost track of time and whipped the cream too much.  This, coupled … [Read more…]