Souvenir Jewelry

My 9-year-old niece, with the help of my brother’s girlfriend (who has bravely shown up to mingle with 20 or so relatives for a full week!) has been making necklaces from the seashells and sea glass that she’s found on the beach.

They look surprisingly great.  I’m a little bummed, actually, because I missed getting a photo of  my absolute favorite so far, a chunky seashell on a tan string, which my super-stylish sister wore as she jetted away from vacation to make it to a business trip in Europe.  It looked like she’d bought it at a boutique.  Here are two others:

They suffer a bit from my poor photography.  They were lucky enough to find a bead store locally, but if you’ve got a beach vacation coming up, you might want to pack supplies.  Because it’s a cheap-but-lovely-and-meaningful souvenir gift.  The wrap-around thing works great, or  if you’ve done any seashell searching in your day, you’ve probably noticed that they often have holes in just the right spot, anyway (because some other sea animal tried to eat what was inside by boring the hole).  All of the aunts are supposed to get one, so I’m breathlessly awaiting mine.


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