Skiing & A Show

We left on Sunday for our annual Jiminy Peak trip. We arrived in the late afternoon, enough time to hit the slopes before dinner. We were with a crowd, so when J ran out of steam, I brought her back to our hallway at the Country Inn for her to hang out with folks while … [Read more…]

Soccer Drama

As I tuck her into bed Friday night, J asks, “Mom, can I please not go to the soccer game tomorrow?” I understand where J’s coming from, here. Monday to Friday is school, Sunday is church, and Saturdays, J is dragged along to M’s 8:30 am soccer game. Tomorrow it’s likely to be worse than … [Read more…]

Cartwheels Gymnastics Center

J’s been going to gymnastics at DC Gymnastics, and she likes it very much. But its location, near West Gate Plaza in Albany, is a serious schlep for us. So I was super-excited to hear about Cartwheels Gymnastics Center opening in Clifton Park. We went to try out a class recently. The first and most … [Read more…]

Our Ski Trip

We spent Sunday, Monday, and today on our annual Jiminy Peak trip with friends. We returned a few hours ago, and I’ve literally been stumbling around due to exhaustion. As in, I tripped on our duffel bag handle and landed on my face, and moments later I fell down the stairs while carrying 3 pairs … [Read more…]


If you’re considering getting your kids skiing this winter, now’s the time to look for seasonal rentals. We seized the day off from school last week to go to Goldstock’s to get ours. Update: I forgot to link before, but Sandra at Albany Kid wrote a review of Goldstock’s last year. Last year we went, gosh, … [Read more…]

Fun Run

M had a busy day today: a soccer game in the morning, soccer tryouts in the afternoon, and a 1-mile fun run. For those of you with younger kids, this seems like a pretty common thing for many sports. There’s a recreation league through the city or town, and then there are local clubs for … [Read more…]

Biking Around

J has become a biking superstar. The other day the girls and I biked 1.8 miles each way to a playground, and that night J  requested more biking as part of her date with Daddy. M, meanwhile, has been wonderfully patient with the slow riding pace. Today we decided to bike to Central Park, and … [Read more…]

Soccer Camp Giveaway

We overindulged at our charitable auctions and ended up with a week of soccer camp scheduled for the same week as our Lake Placid trip. So I’m giving it away! It’s SOCCERTECH. According to the director, “This is our 12th year running the camp. All staff members are certified teachers employed in N. Colonie, S. … [Read more…]