Getting Wet

Okay, I’ve once again become carried away with the post when there’s a frightening pile of laundry to be folded.  Have I mentioned that we’re taking another long car trip that begins day after tomorrow?  So you’d think that I’d take it easy and just work ahead on the weekend post, right?  I mean, that’s what would be sensible.  Instead, here’s a post on getting wet.

We spent the afternoon at the pool, and I barely managed to drag the girls home.  We love the pool & we’re finally at the age where I think it’s going to be pretty easy.  Two big girls were coaching J in swimming, and they were so effective that my friend joked that I should be paying them.  Love that!

Meanwhile there were ample examples of the perils of pools:  harried moms balancing the shrieking-afraid-of-the-water-kid against the Mommy-come-in-and-hold-me-I-love-it kid, parents juggling the not-potty-trained-baby-pool-toddler with the way-too-big-and-dignified-for-the-baby-pool kid, the moms of tiny kids suffering the invasion of big, scary, splashy kids on toddler turf, the obnoxious kid lying on a chaise yelling for mom to bring a snack, the obnoxious mom yelling from a chaise for her kid to behave without offering any consequences when the kid ignores her, and, for me, endlessly watching exciting  “tricks” such as J hopping all the way across the pool (“Mommy?  Are you still watching?”) and M stepping off the diving board again and again.

But hey!  It’s sunshine!  It’s exercise!  It’s good, wholesome fun that leaves everyone exhausted and ready for an early bedtime!  We haven’t quite gotten into our summertime groove yet, but I am eager to give it a try.

Here’s a big list of all sorts of ways to get wet.  The few places that haven’t opened yet are opening this weekend.  Yay, summer!


  • Albany Pools are listed here.  One mom recommended Westland Hill [alas; closed this season–thanks to commenters for the update, and check them out for more suggestions] which is a zero entry pool (for non-connoisseurs of pools, this means you walk in gradually, like a beach–good for the teensy kids).
  • Schenectady Pools are listed here.  We’ve been to Central Park, which is very large  zero entry pool that’s often cold & crowded but conveniently close to the playground, and Front Street, which has a separate kiddy pool–I like it better, but it’s a bit of a walk over to the playground.
  • In Troy, Prospect Park has a pool.
  • Victoria Pool and Peerless Pool, both in Saratoga, are very popular with moms.  Our moms’ group does an annual Peerless Pool trip.  Believe it or not, I’ve never made it to either of them.  Chalk this up to me being a cheap mom who hates to drive.  Follow the link for hours & fees.


Streams or creeks for wading:

  • In Rexford, you can pull over north of Rte. 146 just east of Hetcheltown Road, by the railroad, and there are trails that will lead you to Alplaus Creek.
  • The gardens at Union College have a creek.  Overlooking the gardens, the large building is a student center, and you can go in to buy food or drinks or use the bathrooms.
  • Plotter Kill in Rotterdam has waterfalls and places for wading.
  • Kids’ Creekside Village Playground (FANS) in Ballston Spa has a short walking path up to a creek that’s nice for wading.
  • Christman Sanctuary in Duanesburg has a creek and waterfalls.
  • Peebles Island in Waterford has a waterfall.
  • Thacher Park has waterfalls along the trail.
  • In Saratoga State Park, the Geyser Creek runs right through and past the playground.
  • Normanskill is in the town of Bethlehem.

Splash Fountains:

Water Parks:

  • One mom said that she gets season passes to Great Escape in Lake George through 6 Flags New England with a credit card discount.  There’s plenty for younger kids in the water park, plus fountains in various other play areas.
  • Water Slide World is in Lake George, too.
  • Zoom Flume is in East Durham if you’d rather go south.

Many of these are places that I have never visited, so I’d love reviews and/or additions to the list.


  1. There are a couple more public beaches in Rensselaer County (at least): East Greenbush Town Park and North Greenbush Town Park (Snyder’s Lake.)

  2. AlbanyMommy

    Actually, Westland Hills pool is closed this year for revamping. I high recommend the Snyder’s Lake/North Greenbush Town Park as well.

    My favorite place for moms with toddlers and maybe a little older (my 7 year old likes it still) is Rosemont Park in Albany. They have a small splash pad but the majority of the park is shaded and the playground is right there (it’s updated too!).

  3. Meghan

    Christman Sanctuary is reallllly pretty but not worth the nasty black horrible flies. Its a better place for a fall or spring hike/walk when you can cover up a bit. Also by the waterfall there is a great swimming hole but crayfish line the bottom so if you are going to go swimming there make sure you have water shoes on!

  4. Selena

    I second Snyder’s Lake in North Greenbush. Take Route 43 to Geiser Rd and follow that down to the lake. If you google map 5 Camp Scully Way, North Greenbush, that will give you directions to the beach.

  5. Michelle

    Perfect timing – awesome post! I was JUST here last night looking for just this kind of post! Thanks a bunch!!

  6. Mandy

    Unfortunately, Westland Hills pool (in Albany) is closed for the 2010 season b/c of construction or improvement or something. I saw it on the Dept. of Recreation website. boo!

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