Phew! Anyone Else Exhausted?

I updated the weekly post with a bunch of new items, so you should check it out again.

There’s so much going on.  I’m a little torn, because I was all set to go to SPAC for the Ballet Family Night on Friday, but then I remembered that we promised Fireworks in Schenectady.   And then, trying to figure out when we can go instead, I nearly started hyperventilating over how full our calendar is already.  Jeepers.

Luckily, town camp is starting for the girls tomorrow.  9 am to noon, baby!  Bring it!  I am hope-hope-hoping that they like their counselors, because, really, it’s all about the big kids.  It’s not particularly exciting or enriching, but if there are middle school girls to lavish my kids with attention, we will be golden.

We’re also trying to get ourselves into a routine.  I love a good routine.  We’re trying to get back to a decent bedtime, but J has discovered the Late Night Secret of Fireflies.   Tonight she came out and begged to go out, and I completely caved.  Meanwhile poor M was fast asleep in her sweaty room (both girls were lying there, panting, with wet washcloths on their necks).  J ran into M’s room insisting, “She’s awake, she’s awake!” and started to shake her, so eager was she to include M in the fun.  No dice–too tired.  So I’m hoping that this won’t come up tomorrow–it will only serve to reinforce M’s firm belief that J gets to do everything fun always.

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