Pie Eating Contest

Okay, I went to what I affectionately call my Snobby Book Club tonight and drank several glasses of wine, so I’m going to have to “post light” tonight.

Over the weekend our church had a Fall Festival that included a kids’  Pie Eating Contest.  I was skeptical, but they enjoyed themselves and it was easy to do.

Pies Awaiting the Contest

The “pies” were actually just mini pie crusts bought ready-made at the store.  Then they were filled with prepared chocolate pudding and covered  with whipped cream.  Voila!  Delightful mini chocolate cream pies.

M competes

As a precaution, each child wore a lovely and thrift “apron” made from a plastic bag that had been strategically torn at the bottom.  No need for sleeves!  No hands allowed, anyway!

As we drove home, M shared her strategy:  “You know how to win?  Just mash your face right into the pie, and most of it sticks to your face so it looks like you’ve eaten more than you have.”

Ah, yes.  We couldn’t be prouder.

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