Holiday Craftiness & The Tree

We got our tree this morning. We cut our own at Ellms’ Christmas Trees. Yes, they’re pricey, but we like all the bells and whistles (reindeer, Santa, trolley, cocoa). I was a little concerned because last year the fields were looking a bit sparse. But we found a tree almost immediately. I stayed to “save” the tree while the girls and Cute W scouted around to see if there was anything we like more. While  I was waiting, I looked a little closer and saw this:

See it?  Look!

A nest!

Sure enough, the girls liked the first tree best, and when they got back to me and saw the nest, the deal was done. We didn’t even have a chance to get cold.

I spent the afternoon crafting with kids and grown-ups at my church, and my favorite holiday craft was these sweet angels:

I don’t think that the picture really does them justice. They were simple to make, although someone has to know how to tie. We wrapped pretty yarn around a board book 24 times, then slid the loops off and tied them together. Then we took two pieces of yarn and tied a little neck and a little waist and cut the bottom of the loops to make it a skirt.  We threaded a longer, thicker piece of yarn through the torso and tied it in front to act as arms, and tucked some greenery inside. Then there’s a bit of sparkly mesh tied at the back and flared for wings, and some silvery thread to circle around their heads as a halo.  Super adorable, and not too difficult!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend, and if you do any of these holiday events and they were wonderful (or horrible), I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Stephanie

    Thanks for linking to your church!! I’ve been curious when you’ve mentioned it before, and it sounds like it might be just perfect…

  2. Oh, if you’re interested, they’re doing Revels this Friday night and this Sunday morning, which is a special occasion–we only do it once every 2 years.

  3. amy

    growing up, we too found a nest in our tree and our parents told us that it meant good luck for the coming year!!! such a great and magical find! best!

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